Our Mission

Our company was founded in 2016 in answer to God’s call to use the testimony of our founder, John Shrock, as a witnessing opportunity in order to share Christ with as many people as possible.

Our mission is to do just that: to share Christ with others through the distribution of tracts and reading materials that point to the Creator who has paid for our passage into Heaven. We use the testimony of our founder to appeal to all people as not only an interesting story, but also as a means to bring them to the victorious life of salvation in Christ. We are funded in part by purchases made from our store, the profits of which are used directly for the production of these materials.

As part of our mission we also have provided a way for you to share your own story of how God brought you to salvation; NamesWrittenInGlory.com. This is so that you too can use your testimony as a powerful way to reach people with the message of Salvation, and also to use it as a way to encourage other Christians.

We are thrilled with how the Lord has blessed us so far and look forward to seeing where He will take us in the future!


The Staff at JohnShrock.com