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Hi! I’m John Shrock from johnshrock.com. Thank you for checking us out! I just want to tell you a little bit about our company and then we will also get into a little bit about how I left the Amish. I left the Amish, and I want to write about that as many people have encouraged me to do. This is where I need your input by asking me questions so that I know what to write about! To do this, I am going to start blogging and also video blogging to know where I am going to go with the book. What I am asking from you guys is to leave comments asking me questions that you yourself have about the Amish.

As far as me leaving the Amish, it truly is a very crazy story. I will begin by explaining a little bit about what the Amish that I came from are like just in case you do not know. The ones that I came from had no technology as far as electricity or cell phones and the like. We could use some battery powered things such as flashlights, but really it was very 1800’s style. We used horses and buggies to drive around and we even had tons of rules about what color the buggies could be and things like that. It was a very strict Old Order Amish where I come from.

I honestly didn’t hate being Amish until I was about 16 years old. It was then that I decided that I was sick of not being good enough and was going to leave. I mean there was no way possible that you could be good enough because of the thousands of rules that you constantly had to listen to and think about every day, especially with the fact that I was getting a little rebellious. I was starting to ‘think like a teen’ and didn’t want to stay within all the rules.  My dad and I got into a pretty big fight and from that, I decided for sure that I was done and I was leaving. Of course, the only problem with that was where to go and what to do. I really had no idea what this outside world was like. We had always been told stories about how horrible it was and that it was bad, but I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Of course now, I am thankful that I left. This world is amazing, comparatively speaking.  Then also, I am not ungrateful for some things that the Amish have as well. They have amazing food (my mother was an amazing cook), and they also have a better sense of being together as a community where they do things together and you feel more a part of everyone there. I still miss some of those things now, but one thing I knew when I was leaving is that doing that would immediately cut off ties with my family. I knew that if my family caught me and they knew that I wanted to leave that I would get into serious trouble. Honestly, I was scared.

It was June 28th when I decided that I was leaving for sure. They had talked about a person who had left about 6 months before, and he happened to be a person that I looked up to, so I decided that I would try and get a hold of him. I had no way of knowing how I was going to do this, but I knew a friend of his and I found his phone number in the phone book and tried to call him several times, but he would not answer the phone. I knew that my parents were going to find out eventually that I was up at the non-Amish neighbors using their phone, and I didn’t want to get in trouble, so I just left. This is why you see “I Left” in the title of my company and you will hear me joke about it all the time. This comes from me leaving my parents a note that said “I Left”. That is all it said. It had no explanation or goodbye, just those two words on it. I ran out that night.

I hid in the woods for a couple of hours, and then went up to the neighbor’s house one more time to try and make one last attempt at phoning this man, and when he didn’t answer, I ran out and slept in a barn the first night. You can read more about this by clicking on ‘My Testimony’ tab in the menu.

A family took me in and shared the Gospel with me and took me to church, I became a Christian, and I am now attending Bible College and starting johnshrock.com and John Shrock I Left, LLC in hopes that I can reach out to others. I hope to write my book eventually, and will probably also entitle that  “I Left”, with the vision to help many, especially Amish boys my age that want to leave the Amish. With that, I am going to be going to Wisconsin trying to do some recruiting and seeing if I can have people up there help direct people my way. These big plans mean that I need your help, especially as far as writing my book! English is not my first language, and while my speaking has gotten much better, I still am a little shaky with the writing, and so I need your questions that I can talk about and reply to because then I can write on those questions better. Please ask me questions either in the comments below, on my Facebook, my Twitter, or my YouTube channel. Thank you so much for reading! And if you leave a funny comment on “I Left”, I will love it!

Thank you for your interest and support!

John Shrock

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  1. “I write” 🙂
    Lots of questions:
    1. How many siblings do you have?
    2. Have you been in contact with your family since you left?
    3. Are you “shunned”?
    4. Can you return home to visit?
    5. What are you pursuing in bible college?
    6. Do you think the Amish youth are leaving in greater numbers compared with 20-30 years ago?
    7. Were you taught a trade while still living at home?
    8. Is Dutch your 1st language?
    9. Do you have any other friends who’ve left since you did?
    10. Do you wish you could go back?

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