First Missionary Journey

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Today, I am super excited to talk a little bit about my first missionary journey that I will be taking this week to my old Amish community in Wisconsin! I am going back to try and reach some of them by telling them Bible truths. With this, I am sure that there will also come much confrontation and opposition, but I want them to know the truth, especially with the Amish religion being such a life-absorbing cult.

My first mission while I am there will be to find my three siblings. They have moved to a different community than my Amish parents, and so I am not quite sure where they have settled within their new community. I will have to do some searching and asking around and see if I can find them. However, I will also have to be careful when I am asking around so that the people do not know who I am, otherwise they probably will not tell me.

So join me this week as I take a trip to Wisconsin! We will be putting up little snippets of my adventures back in Amish country, so check out our Facebook page here to watch those. I will be there for a week, so please be in much prayer during this time that God would be at work to free up their minds from the cult that they are in. I have my German Bible all ready and marked up to go and share saving truth, and we will see how the Lord will work!

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John Shrock

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